The Hidden Truth About Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. This product is now widely used by different nations as an effective tool to help relieve of pain, stress and depression, as well as to help with energy revitalization and weight loss.

Today the market provides a diverse range of acupressure mats, which look the same, produced of similar materials, and the only difference you can find between these mats is the brand name printed on the cover. There are a number of articles available which describe all the positive benefits of acupressure mats, but unfortunately the most important details are hidden and not discussed.


You can often see and read articles of acupressure mat descriptions, which state that: “it can be used by anyone, at anytime, without any side effects”. But at the same time, if you look deeper and pay more attention to the materials of which these acupressure mats are made from, you will discover that the majority of acupressure mats on the market consist of synthetic, allergenic and non-ecological materials.

When you are lying on spikes for the first few minutes, your body feels the heat, which is caused by increase in blood circulation. At this point your body is likely to start sweating, and the good quality acupressure mat should allow the air to go through the materials and allow your body to breathe. The key materials, which are used in the production of the majority of acupressure mats are:

Cover – 100% cotton
Spikes – pure quality plastic
Filler – foam rubber or sponge

The first question/problem/issue: What is the benefit of the cotton cover, if underneath is a synthetic sponge, which completely blocks the air circulation, does not allow your skin to breathe and may cause an allergy? Also after a short time of usage a certain amount of dust is produced by this foam rubber, which again gives you the risk of allergy.

The second question/problem/issue: What is the benefit of the cotton cover, if plastic spikes are glued all over the cotton material, again blocking the air circulation and causing skin allergy? At the same time, the glued spikes that are mostly made of pure quality plastic are deforming and falling down after several use.


So… what is one to do if the majority of acupressure mats promoted on the market nowadays are allergenic, synthetic and inferior in quality? The solution is the Pranamat Eco – a new generation of quality, which is genuinely made of 100% pure and natural materials:

~ Cover is made from pure linen and colored with an eco-friendly non-allergic dye.
~ Mattress cover is made from pure un-dyed, non-smelling cotton, which helps the air to access your body.
~ Mattress filler is made from coconut fibers, which is one of the most natural and healthy components that can ever be used inside a mat and which provides an easy air circulation between the Pranamat and your skin.
~ Lotuses (spikes) are made from H.I.P.S. plastic, which is hypo-allergenic, test-proven lack of interaction with foodstuffs, test-proven absence of heavy metals, highly stable in its form and not fragile, eco friendly and always suitable for re-processing.
~ Glue is not used in Pranamat Eco. Spikes are placed on the cover by using special heating technology.

Not only is the massage mat’s overall look important, but its inner components are the most important role for your health and wellbeing, and the Pranamat by Advaita is the only acupressure mat on the market that claims superior design, quality and components.

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