Make Choices That Bring About a More Happy, Joyful and Sensual You

As soon as February rolls around I can’t help but think of Valentines Day. It’s amazing how conditioned we are isn’t it! This is all lovely and fabulous for those who are in relationships … thinking of wonderful ways to nurture your loved ones but what about those of us who are flying solo?

For the first time in about 10 years I am without a lover, so am dedicating this month’s ritual to ways in which we can get that warm fuzzy loving feeling all by ourselves. Also a good ritual for those of you that are all loved-up with a partner, because the reality is that even when we are in a relationship, it’s not healthy to rely on the other person to “complete” a part of you, or to rely on that other person to bring you happiness. Sorry if I’m shattering anyone’s beliefs here … but we are responsible for our own happiness and feeling of being “complete”. Having a lover is fun and wonderful and most definitely helps with that warm fuzzy loving feeling, but wouldn’t it also be cool to embrace that it’s totally obtainable all by yourself too? And if you were feeling wonderfully happy and fun and sensual all by yourself, wouldn’t that energy be more fun to share with your lover?

What is it that brings you joy?
What is it that ignites your sensuality?
What is it that makes you feel more womanly and sensual?

I talk about this kind of stuff with loads of people that I come across day-to-day and it seems that most of us share the same belief … that we feel more confident, happy, womanly and sensual when we’re healthy and fit. So, if that is the general feeling out there then how about dedicating this month to doing just that: get out of bed early and exercise or exercise in your lunch break or exercise after work. It doesn’t matter when you do it, just make sure you do actually do it; put down all the processed crap that you’re eating and start making healthier choices. Trust me, your body will LOVE you for it. And so will your lover. Or future lover.

When it comes to shower and bath time, how about creating a more sensual experience for yourself. Be Genki Sensuality products are scented with jasmine, ylang ylang and rose otto, renowned for their gentle aphrodisiac properties. One of my favorite ways to start the day is to massage a little Sensuality Bath and Shower Oil on my chest whilst in the shower, followed by a light application of Sensuality Body Oil all over my body once I hop out of the shower. With the lovely aroma that I am left with, there’s no need to apply perfume, as my entire body is lightly scented.

Another big one for women is underwear. Whilst I can certainly understand the practical concept of wearing cotton comfortables… why not treat yourself as the beautiful woman you are and enjoy the feeling of wearing silk and lace. I know we all have our own personal idea of what it is to be a woman and what femininity is all about so I’m sure I’ll receive a few snarls for saying this … but here goes anyway… don’t save your sexy lingerie for “special” occasions. Wear it everyday. Isn’t life a “special” occasion? Treat EVERY day as a joyous “special” occasion. Just because I am boyfriend-less doesn’t mean I’m retiring my lovely lingerie to the drawers. It’s not for the man that I wear it anyhow, it’s for me. Life is all about choice, and there’s nothing more that brings me joy than choosing to value myself, whether that be getting out of bed to go for a swim in the ocean, feeding my body healthy and yummy food, practicing yoga, stopping to have a play with the little dog tied up on the pole waiting for its owner to return, or wearing beautiful lingerie.

Best wishes for a more joyful sensual you.


Coveted Canvas reviews Be Genki:
“By the time today rolled around, I was tiiiired and quite spaced out. So, I put my yoga how to video on and lit my Be Genki Serenity candle. Moving my way through the poses and smelling the pure essential oils of Neroli, Rose Otto, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Bergamot from the candle, my worries melted away and I was left free to enjoy my day of (usually) stressful Christmas shopping – without stress!

The reason I love Be Genki is not only for their 100 per cent pure line and their candles that really do what they say they will (just like these ones), but they also have a great blog that provides me with little tidbits of wellness inspiration when I’m lacking. It’s beautiful, you should subscribe today!

When I was sent this Serenity candle, I was also sent a bottle of Serenity Bath and Shower Oil. At first I was confused as to how I use it but after reading the instructions online, I figured out just what to do, and LOVED it. I felt so calm after using it, it’s amazing.

Psst… I already had some Be Genki Sensuality Bath and Shower Oil that I often have my adorable boyfriend use as a massage oil after hectic days. It’s even better than Serenity!”

This is the Be Genki February Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

2 responses to “Make Choices That Bring About a More Happy, Joyful and Sensual You

  1. Well said, Sam Sample! I was just thinking about you (and your products) today as I ran out of my Vitality Body Lotion. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day wherever you may be.x

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