Kick Off the New Year Being The Thriving, Generative, Amazing You That You Deserve to Be

Yikes! Seems I am a few days late in sending out the January ritual. Please forgive me, it seems I must have been enjoying the holiday season a little too much and work totally slipped my mind. How does it get any better than that?

This “new year” I’d love to put the question out there … what would it take for you to be you?

As you make your new years resolutions, or write down your hopes and plans for the year, or ponder over what it is that you’d like to change or show up in your life, can I please make the suggestion to go right to the core of who you be and for you to embrace it on all levels.

What is it that makes you smile? What is it that makes your body tingle with joy? What is it that ignites your sensuality and keeps it alight? What is it that makes you jump out of bed in the morning with vitality? What is it that ignites your inspiration over and over and over again? What is it that brings about an inner serenity and tranquility within your body and mind? What is it that nurtures your soul?

If your life is lacking any of these, now is the perfect opportunity to reflect and meditate on these questions, and then make the effort to implement them in to your daily life so that you can be the thriving, generative, amazing YOU that you deserve to be. Anything less is really just a superficial imitation of what your life could be, if only you would choose it.

Join me this month by kicking off the year being all that you desire to be. Let’s quit the feeble excuses as to why we can’t do or be this or that and simply step up and demand it from ourselves. If you are truly desiring health and happiness then choose it, live it and be it.

On another note, but somewhat relevant … after a week of relaxing in the Whitsundays with my family I have become particularly drawn to the Be Genki Vitality range to help provide that extra “pick me up” in the morning. A splash of the Vitality Bath and Shower Oil on my chest in the shower, and a gentle massage of Vitality Body Oil all over my legs, torso and arms to help hydrate my skin and preserve my summer glow also provides an invigorating freshness to my morning ritual. Be Genki Vitality products utilise the healing benefits of 100% pure essential oils – Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary – renowned for their uplifting properties that help to overcome mental fatigue and stimulate circulation. Perfect for this time of year!

Best wishes for a vibrant, thriving, generative you.


Madison magazine features Be Genki Serenity Candle and Serenity Herbal Tea in the January issue.
“Be Genki’s new Serenity range of candles and herbal teas will bring a little bit of peace into your life and calm the senses.”

This is the Be Genki January Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

4 responses to “Kick Off the New Year Being The Thriving, Generative, Amazing You That You Deserve to Be

  1. I am rather comfortable being me for now…there are changes happening that I am loving and my new affirmation is “I am worthy of living my heart’s desire.”

  2. I am living in NZ for a wee while, can I get your stuff anywhere here?

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