Make Time for Yourself to Switch Off and Relax this Silly Season

“Modern man is a prisoner of time – so involved in his doings that he has lost touch with his being. As individuals and as a society, we have lost our balance. … Roughly speaking, the feminine values are concerned with being; the masculine with doing. Without the balance of feminine values … we become slaves to time and technology. The more enslaved and stuck in time we feel, the more desperately we try to control our time and our lives. Yet the more we attempt to gain control through our mechanical creations (both mental machinations and material gadgetry), the more controlled by them we feel. … We are stuck in time, stuck in trying to control, stuck with a sense of missing something. We miss the bliss, and so we try to drown time in a bottle of wine, a flood of sex, or a warm jacuzzi. Imitation bliss comes and goes, and too soon, time again comes marching in. Bliss is rest, but we are restless.” excerpt from ZEN and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G. Boldt.

The holiday season is upon us. How will you choose to spend your time in the upcoming weeks? Race around at a million miles an hour doing all those things that you think need to be ticked off the to-do list? Or gift yourself ‘bliss’ by simply being? The choice is yours.

Is your everyday life one of fixed boundaries, controlled rules, and predictability? Do you live your life conforming to other people’s rules?

If relaxation is something that you are in desperate need of then you’re in luck, the upcoming holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you (and me) to do so. I know some of you may think this to be an insane statement for me to make, but I speak truth… promise. All we have to do is plan for it by making choices that will bring us joy.

It deeply puzzles me why people feel obliged to catch up with other people that they really don’t care for just because it’s Christmas. I never got my head around this concept. Maybe I’m just fortunate to be in a family where, as grown adults, we are never forced or made to feel guilty if we don’t do something … no forced weekly Sunday lunches, no forced Christmas’, no transference of guilt if we don’t go somewhere. The result is that I genuinely love catching up with my family and go out of my way to do so regularly. It’s one of the lessons in life that I am truly grateful for being taught.

So, back to planning for a joyful, blissful, relaxing holiday… what can we choose to do, or not do that will bring more joy to our life?

Here’s a few examples of some of my favorite ways to integrate feminine values in to my daily life by simply being which will hopefully get the creative juices flowing in your mind too.

~ Get up early and find a tranquil spot, where you won’t be interrupted, to watch the sunrise. The beach is my favorite place for an early morning sun gaze.

~ Float in the water (in the ocean preferably) on your back for a few minutes and close your eyes or gaze up at the sky. This is one of my favorite ways to connect with the ‘oneness’, and quieten the chatter in my mind.

~ Find a quiet spot in the park, take your shoes off, lay on the grass on your back and look up at the sky and clouds. Another favorite that helps to remind me how insignificant most of the “stuff” is in life, and how expansive and infinite the universe is.

~ Be present in even the most simple of tasks. For example, if you love to enjoy a morning coffee, then truly savor that experience by being present. Clear all thoughts that are going through your mind and focus your energy on the affair that you are enjoying with your coffee. One way to help quieten the chatter and to become more present is to have gratitude for the person that made the coffee, the person that delivered the coffee beans to the cafe, the farmers that grew the coffee bean, the cows for supplying the milk, the person who milked the cow, the sun for shining down on the sugar canes and on and on.

Enjoy the choosing, and remember that every second that passes is another opportunity for us to make a different choice, or continue with the same choice if it brings joy.

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