One of the World’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

A recent trip through Asia has inspired me to share one of the best-kept secrets in the world to pamper your body and hair: camellia seed oil.

A few drops a day of this antioxidant-rich oil will help revitalise and rejuvenate your complexion, while protecting your skin from UV rays and helping prevent freckles, age spots and wrinkles. A few drops to your hair will help create silky tresses without leaving a greasy feel.

Wild camellia flowers grow in the northern part of China and Japan, blooming in November. The seeds have been harvested and cold pressed for more than a thousand years to produce pure, natural camellia seed oil for use as a skin product and hair conditioner.

Three of the most beautiful women in Chinese history — Xiang Fei, Kuei-fei, and Hsi Shih — all believed camellia seed oil was the secret to keeping their skin beautiful and moist.

Women in the mountains of northern China who harvest camellia seed oil and naturally rub any leftover oil and seed paste on their face, body and hair, all share a common radiance with smooth skin and beautiful, jet black, glossy hair.

The Japanese have also used camellia oil as a luxurious choice in skin and haircare for centuries. It is believed that women reputed to have the most beautiful hair live in Oshima, an island where camellias have always been abundant.

How to use camellia seed oil
In the morning and evening after cleansing, apply a few drops to your fingers and gently press in to your face, neck and décolletage.
Haircare: Apply a few drops to your hair at night and shampoo out the next morning.

***Remember when choosing your camellia seed oil, to ensure that it is certified organic, cold pressed and unrefined.***

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2 responses to “One of the World’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

  1. What a great tip! I am totally going to check this out. I want to start incorporating a lot more things like this into my lifestyle (as well as my blog which reflects my lifestyle).

    I am wondering, what scent does this camellia seed oil have?

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