Transform Your Mundane Morning Shower into a Heavenly Sensory Experience

I’m a big believer in taking the time to create home spa rituals on a regular basis. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to nurture your self on the physical level, lathering nourishing oils on to your body; it’s also a luxurious and effective way to soak up the emotional benefits of aromatherapy, via bathing in an essential oil enhanced bath; as well as a calming and energizing time to spend curled up on the couch sipping on a cup of herbal tea whilst listening to music, reading a chapter of a book or simply sitting and “be”-ing. For years I’ve been harping on about how important it is to make the time for YOU so that you can be the happier and healthier you that you deserve to be. There is, however, one question that I get asked over and over again… “but how do i create a spa experience if I don’t have a bath?” So, I am dedicating the October ritual to all of you that have showers.

A little bottle of 100% pure essential oils and hand towel is all you need to transform a mundane shower into a heavenly sensory experience.

Step 1. Shut your bathroom door.
Step 2. Place the little hand towel on the shower drain.
Step 3. Add 6 – 8 drops of your favorite essential oil blend to the shower floor (look for an area that is far away from the drain eg. in the corner, so that the essential oils remain in your shower for as long as possible and not down the drain.
Step 4. Enjoy a lovely scented shower

After the shower you can then enjoy the remainder of the home spa experience as anyone with a bath would. Gently massage on a fine layer of Body Oil and curl up on the couch with a good book and cup of herbal tea.

Most mornings I add a few drops of the Be Genki Vitality Oil Blend to my shower floor. It’s an invigorating addition that helps me to wake up and start the day alert and energized.

The Be Genki Vitality blend contains essential oils of lemon, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus.
~ Lemon is reputed to have properties which can lift the spirits and overcome mental fatigue.
~ Rosemary is associated with clearing thoughts and is renowned for promoting circulation of energy.
~ Peppermint is renowned for enhancing concentration and stimulating circulation.
~ Eucalyptus is renowned for restoring vitality and reviving spirits.

Best wishes for an invigorating start to the day.

Madison magazine features Be Genki’s Sam Sample in the October 2010 issue.
“Sam Sample, founder of skincare brand Be Genki (genki is Japanese for being happy, healthy and in harmony with oneself) is the poster woman for achieving wellbeing. The holistic expert has also recently penned Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Genki. ($14.50 a lighthearted manual to inspire other busy women. Here’s how she achieves balance… ”

This is the Be Genki October Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

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