Beautiful Organic Handmade Things

Gift giving is such a time old tradition. Not only is it a lovely surprise to receive something special, it is equally as rewarding to give, knowing that you are adding a little joy to someones day.

Back in my nana’s day, she would make a big batch of tomato relish from home grown tomatoes and onions picked ripe from the veggie patch in her backyard. Come Christmas time she would have tens of jars of her home-made tomato relish to give to her family and friends as gifts, and it was something that we all eagerly looked forward to receiving – a little jar of delicious, organic, hand-made, love.

Turn the clocks forward to the reality of what our lifestyles are today, and this thoughtful tradition of my nana is virtually impossible for most. For a start, the majority of us don’t have a backyard full of growing fruits and vegetables. Heck, most of us don’t have a backyard at all, preferring the comfort and convenience of apartment-style living. Add to that the busy schedules that we adhere to – who has the time to spend the weekend peeling, cooking, stirring and jarring.

This however, needn’t mean that when it comes time to pick out a gift for that someone special that you rush to a department store and mindlessly grab the first thing that remotely “fits” the personality type of the recipient. There are still some people who choose to create beautiful, organic, hand-made things and make them available to you by means of their business. The tough and time consuming part can be tracking down those beautiful “finds”.

If the whole natural, organic, handmade, eco Australian thing appeals to you, then so will giftboxology – a website dedicated to making your life easier by showcasing a number of gift box ideas for the gourmet lover, women, men, new parents, pets and even the option to create your own from a variety of their product range.

In a “time poor” world, it’s well worth “bookmarking” this site for when that time to give a gift comes again.

Click here to read the version on Giftboxology

One response to “Beautiful Organic Handmade Things

  1. Lots of businesses proudly making Aussie made things featured on . Also releasing an iphone app January 2011, which will make it easy and fun to find the Aussie made products on the supermarket shelves.

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