Relax and Revitalise Your Body and Mind with the New Self-Healing Pranamat

A couple of months ago I was introduced to the pranamat, a self-healing tool that helps to relax and revitalise the body and mind. Initially I was attracted to the stylish colours and 100% natural and eco-friendly materials, but on hearing the health benefits all I wanted to do was road test one. The reason being, is that I spend a large portion of my day working on my laptop, and as a result tension is sometimes held within my shoulders and back.

Those health benefits that I was so impressed with are as follows:
Regular use of the pranamat helps you to relax and stimulate a quicker self-healing process of your body by:
~ increasing your energy levels
~ helping with depression and stress
~ acting as a powerful pain killer
~ easing muscle spasms, reducing muscle tension, and easing spinal problems
~ compensating for lack of physical activity (e.g. plane flights, prolonged travel by car, prolonged work at the computer, illnesses connected with immobility)
~ helping to improve metabolism and help to reduce fat and cellulite

Sounds pretty good, don’t you think!

So after much anticipation a box arrived from Europe and I excitedly tore apart the packaging to inspect every little detail. After laying on the pranamat for 30 minutes I sincerely noticed the relaxation effect it had on my body and mind, similar to a meditation session. Over the past 6 weeks I have been using the pranamat to help make the transition from ‘working day’ to ‘relaxed evening’ and it has certainly helped.

Then, the other day I woke up with not much energy, after being woken in the middle of the night numerous times by my dog and cats who clearly had a secret meeting earlier to wager who could ambush me the most in one evening. Remembering that the pranamat can also be used as a tool to help increase your energy levels I thought, “why not give it a go”. After 20 minutes of laying on the pranamat I stood up and was intensely surprised that my energy levels were indeed restored. Wow, this thing actually does what it says it does.

So happy with these results I was inspired to share my experience by making the pranamat available for purchase in Australia.

The pranamat is the perfect complement to the Be Genki lifestyle, helping to improve energy levels, ease stress and tension, and help to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. In a world where we lead increasingly busy lives, spending more time at work and bringing that stress from work to the home environment, many of us are finding it more and more difficult to naturally relax in the evenings. I highly recommend the pranamat for making that transition and releasing the day’s stress to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. It also has superior eco-friendly design components compared to any other acupressure mat on the market and the added bonus of being made in fashionably stylish colours.

How does the pranamat work?
The pranamat is based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, and works on the premise that the tiny lotus spikes stimulate active nerve centres and intensify the local blood flow and lymph circulation. This reflective action triggers the release of endorphins – a natural pain killer and happiness hormone – that are effective in blocking pain, and producing analgesia and a sense of wellbeing.

We are scheduled to receive our first delivery of pranamats the second week of September. To ensure that you (a valued Be Genki subscriber) don’t miss out on the first delivery we are taking pre-orders via the Be Genki online shop. All pre-orders of the pranamat will receive a FREE Be Genki Serenity Bath and Shower Oil, valued at $34.00, to further enhance your stress-relieving ritual. This offer is only valid whilst the pranamats are on sale for pre-order, ie. until 14 September 2010.

Best wishes for a more relaxed and revitalized you.

Family Australia magazine features Be Genki Vitality in their latest August issue.
“Be Genki Vitality Body Oil and Vitality Herbal Tea is a lovely natural solution to help inspire busy tired mums to improve their state of health and happiness. The body oil is hydrating, helping to promote soft, smooth skin, plus also has the added benefit of uplifting and invigorating essential oils for that little “pick me up”. The herbal tea is beneficial in helping to increase daily water consumption, plus the combination of herbs are reputed to aid poor circulation, enhance concentration and performance.”

This is the Be Genki September Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

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