Inika Saves the Day, Again

I am particularly particular when it comes to what I put on my skin. So much so that I make my own body and face care products, and only try other brands once I have scrutinized the ingredients list.

One thing I have always avoided is fake tan. Not only because of the frightening mix of harsh ingredients but more so because I can not bear the smell and look of it. I would much prefer to revel in my natural skin tone. There have however been a couple of occasions that called for an application…

~ being a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. Seeing as it’s her day, I happily donned the fake tan so we all had the same summery glow, and so that I didn’t completely mess up her pictures.

~ getting a surprise invitation to an event, and only having a white dress to wear.

The latter just happened the other week. I usually avoid nights out like the plague. Hung up my party shoes a while ago. Much prefer to wake up each morning feeling fresh and energized than roll over with a splitting headache and little desire for moving anywhere but to reach for the DVD player.

Anyway, every now and then I get invited somewhere and think… why not pull out a dress from the back of my wardrobe and get all dolled up. This last occasion I was traveling and had limited options within the wardrobe where I was staying. One white dress to be precise.

So I begrudgingly sourced out a “highly reputed natural looking” fake tan to turn my lilly white legs a shade of bronze. Now, I don’t care who you are, it’s virtually impossible to apply a perfect all-over application. There’s always a bit that you miss, or streak that shows up the next day, or accumulation of too much in one spot, and it looks hideous. Not wanting to look like a freak I started asking the universe to please please help me.

The next day I popped in to a beauty salon after my swim in the surf and they had the INIKA PURELY BRONZED certified organic tinted bronzing mousse sitting proudly on their shelf. Wish I had discovered this BEFORE my fake tan application the night before!

Anyway, I bought a bottle in the hope that it may help. One application of this heavenly certified organic instant bronzer fixed up all my fake tan mishaps to reveal perfectly bronzed legs. Inika saves the day again!

Being a fake tan adversary I was distinctly impressed. I should have known though… Inika is a brand that is undeniably true to their word.

Inika’s commitment: “It is our mission to introduce the world to a new era in cosmetics. An era where eco and chic combine to offer style, performance and a natural, ethical choice in beauty.”

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