Keep Your Family Healthy and Support the Environment by Choosing Oeko-Tex Fabric for the Home

Renovating and refurbishing the home, although exciting, can be a daunting task with an endless amount of options. So many colours, fabrics, and finishes to choose from. However, there is one fabric range that I just came across which sounds wonderful: OEKO-TEX.

It’s 100% Australian made, containing cotton fibres that are grown in Australia using recycled water. The manufacturing process uses low emission machinery and no treatment chemicals on the fabrics. No harmful hazardous, carcinogenic, mutagenic or allergenic substances that are toxic to you and your family. In fact, the fabric is so low in toxicity that it repels dust and therefore is ideal for chronic allergy sufferers.

This is certainly impressive considering the potential health hazards that certain fabrics present due to the dyeing and finishing processes that arise from exposure to chemicals. Complaints include skin irritation, itchy stuffy noses, sneezing, sore eyes and wheezing. The irritants that are responsible for these health concerns include dyes, formaldehyde-based resins, ammonia, acetic acid, some shrink-resistant chemicals, soda ash and bleach.

For more information about Oeko-Tex contact:

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