Implement 4 Golden Rules in to Your Day-to-Day Life to Help Maintain a Calm State-of-Mind When Faced With Stressful Situations

Stress… it seems that we all are susceptible to this overwhelming feeling. What may be stressful to one person may be a “walk in the park” for another. So whether it’s a monstrous to-do list at work; upcoming exams at school or college; an imminent wedding or event; trying to meet tight deadlines;

 getting used to the change of having a newborn baby; renovating your house; or any other factor that is raising your stress levels, the most important thing to remember, in my opinion, is to become more aware of how you can best be prepared for when a potential stressful event is approaching and the key to maintaining your health and calm state-of-mind.

Personally, not much stresses me out. Drama and stress are not qualities that are welcome in my life, and my health and happiness always take first place. Whilst I may not be so sharp when it comes to other areas of my life, managing stress is the one area in which I shine. I hope that by sharing my current predicament, it will inspire you to think about the rituals that you can implement into your life to help prevent and reduce your own stress.

Currently I’m choosing to spend a lot of time in the United States, for both personal and professional reasons. So when I do head back to Sydney for 3-week intervals I have a to-do list that is simply impossible to get through. Between catching up with family, friends, personal appointments, work events, work meetings and general day-to-day work I could literally jump from one task to the next 24-7 and still have a mountain of things left over to do when it’s time to leave. Instead of neglecting my self and spiraling in to a state of stress and exhaustion, which could be very easy, I stick to four golden rules:

1. Lock in “me time” EACH AND EVERY DAY. Even if I have a million and one things to do, I always take an hour break in the day to go for a swim at the beach, yoga class, massage at a day spa, or other beauty appointment. By honoring my self and gifting a relaxing hour to my day provides me with the enthusiasm and energy to work productively.

2. Ensure the fridge is fully stocked with healthy meals and snacks for the working week. I can’t stress this enough. A healthy diet promotes a healthy mind. Nourishing my body and mind with wholefoods provides me with the energy I require to remain focused on the many tasks at hand.

3. Write a diary planner for every day and allocate time blocks for each task, including personal appointments and “me time”.
Usually I don’t stick to a regimented day, but when I am under tight deadlines (eg. a 3 week window to squeeze in 6 weeks worth of work and play) it is the only solution that I have found works well. Every hour in the day is allocated tasks: meetings, simple jobs, catch-ups with friends, a swim at the beach, massage etc. This also helps to ensure that my personal vs professional scales are kept well balanced, which in turn maintains my relaxed and calm state-of-mind.

4. The other little things I implement in to my day are adding stress-relieving essential oils and herbs to my routine. From my point-of-view prevention is far better that trying to cure, so why not use the wonderful remedies that nature has to offer.

Neroli essential oil is regarded as one of the most effective sedative and antidepressant remedies and is reputed to be wonderful in helping with states of anxiety and depression. It is considered one of the best oils to calm and stabilise the heart and mind and is found in all Be Genki Serenity products. I add a few drops of the 100% Serenity Oil Blend to my oil burner throughout the day, apply the Serenity Body Oil to my skin each morning, take a bath with Serenity Bath and Shower Oil in the evenings and sip on the Serenity Herbal Tea throughout the day. (Serenity Herbal Tea is a blend of Chamomile, St John’s Wort, Licorice, Lavender, and Lime Flowers. St Johns Wort is widely recognised for treatment of mild depression and anxiety.)

Next time you have a stressful event that’s coming up, or if you currently find yourself in a stressful situation, what would it take for you to implement these 4 golden rules in to your life? You never know, they just may be the little help you need to help maintain a calm state-of-mind.

Best wishes for a more stress-free you.



InStyle magazine features Be Genki as the best beauty brand for relaxation.

“ BEST FOR: RELAXATION. Be Genki’s bath, body and home products, made from a combination of natural ingredients and essential oils, are packaged in recyclable bottles and recycled-paper boxes. Plus, five percent of profits go towards environmental sustainability campaigns so you can feel extra good about treating yourself.”

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