Enhance the Health and Beauty of Your Body With Hemp

I have recently become captivated by the ever so health-enhancing hemp plant and have been experimenting with all things hemp: hemp milk on my porridge; hemp seeds and hemp protein powder in my smoothies and in my cacao brownies; hemp oil in my salad dressings; and hemp oil in my face and body care products.

Why? Simply because the beneficial properties are astounding!

Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids (EFAs) to help maintain optimum health. In fact, the hemp seed contains more essential fatty acids than any other source and has been labelled “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” due to the fact that it contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 EFAs.

Hemp seeds are also a great source of calcium and iron, as well as a number of other minerals and vitamins that help to support optimum health and vitality. Adding EFAs to your diet may help to lower your risk of heart disease. EFAs also have a natural anti-inflammatory effect that makes them helpful for those who suffer from arthritis and autoimmune disorders. Hemp seed oil is also known to reduce symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps, and reduce and treat dry skin.

Recently I have been adding hemp oil to my face and body oils and have certainly noticed how extra smooth my skin feels. Hemp oil helps to balance dry skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is non-greasy and has excellent anti-ageing and moisturising properties.

And then there’s the other wonderful uses for hemp: paper, fabric, weed control and biofuel, but that’s too much to talk about in this single blog entry.

I encourage you to get your hands on hemp products and enjoy the health benefits as well as the yummy nutty taste.

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2 responses to “Enhance the Health and Beauty of Your Body With Hemp

  1. Great site I am passing this on and will post it on my fan page.
    I am an Aromatherapist and use certified organic Hemp seed oil in some of my body products, I usually combine it with certified organic rosehip oil, recommended for regenerative skin care.

  2. Thank you Julie. I love the combination of hemp and rosehip oils too. I also like to add jojoba as well. I just checked out your website … love it! So fresh! I am looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

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