How Contagious Can You Be?

We as human beings naturally must take from the earth in order to survive. Hopefully, if we are raised correctly, we learn that we must take AND contribute at the same time. If future generations are to prosper, we must teach them to contribute more than they take, to find ways to reduce their footprint on the earth, and to help improve the quality of life in their environment. We must also train ourselves to do the same.

Every day provides a new opportunity to be the ‘best green’ you that you can be. It’s a chance to leave old, misinformed habits in the past and replace them with new healthy, clean and green habits.

Being green is contagious. Just the other day, as I was walking to the entrance of a store to do my grocery shopping with a bunch of canvas bags under one arm. A lady looked at me, stopped in her tracks and said “thank you, you’ve just reminded me that I left my shopping bags in the car”. It may seem small and insignificant to you … but is it?

The reality is that we do have an effect on those that we come in contact with. The very fact that you read articles posted on the Green Times is substantiation, in my books, that you are interested in broadening your mind about ways to become more green.

Sometimes in life we can become pigeonholed by only exposing ourselves to things and industries that we are naturally drawn to. What if you made it a choice this month to step outside the box of your life and read-up on something new that can help you become the healthier, cleaner, greener, you, and then implement it in to your life?

I am sincerely inspired by so many different individuals and love the web for its ability to connect people who wouldn’t normally be exposed to one another.

What little green habits do you have that you can share with others?
I would sincerely love to hear them, and undoubtedly so would everyone else.

Click here to read the version on Green Times

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