EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottles

First we were told to stay away from tap water. So, we all made the switch to drink water from plastic bottles. Then we were told to stay away from plastic bottles due to the scientific reports alluding to the fact that some plastic bottles are potentially hazardous due to toxic chemicals being released into the water. Bisphenol-A (or BPA) is one such chemical that was (and in some cases still is) used in plastic bottles. This ominous chemical has been linked to various health disorders including infertility. Then came the whole ‘green’ movement teaching us to be more sustainable and start using re-usable bottles to house our water.

So, we are now faced with a few options including aluminium, glass and stainless steel

Aluminium bottles worry me a little as they have an inner lining. Some contain BPA and some don’t. However, even the ones that don’t, advise you not to wash the aluminium bottle in the dishwasher. I’m guessing this must be because the heat may cause something to happen to the internal lining.

Glass can be a bit delicate and not a wise option for clumsy ones like me who tend to drop things.

Stainless Steel is both durable and safe. No lining. No nasty chemicals. Dishwasher safe.

I’ve discovered the EarthLust all-round friendly bottle for you, your loved ones, and the environment – 100% BPA free stainless steel bottles. The stylish Earthlust range has a wide range of different cool designs and sizes available.

Just stop to think for a minute about how many people consume one or more plastic bottles of water each day, and the phenomenal impact that we could make by switching to a re-usable stainless steel drinking bottle.

What action have you taken to reduce your plastic water bottle consumption?

Click here to read the version featured on Mecho | the style black book

5 responses to “EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottles

  1. Who told us to stay away from tap water?

  2. Hi Simon. In 1998 high concentrations of giardia and cryptosporidium were detected in Sydney city’s water supply. This resulted in a scare campaign which led many Sydneysiders to believe that tap water was unsafe to drink and therefore bottled water was the way to go. I have been told by a guest speaker from the United Nations World Water Summit that this same tactic has been used to increase bottled water sales around the world.
    Personally I much prefer tap water and choose to filter my home tap water supply for personal consumption.

  3. Ah, I see.

    However, I don’t think it’s fair to call it a ‘scare campaign’. After all, if Sydney Water hadn’t advised consumers of the problem, it would have been labelled a ‘cover up.’

    Sydneysiders were told of the problem, and were advised to boil their drinking water for 2 mins before consumption. When the levels of giardia and cryptosporidium were brought back under control, consumers were advised the water was again safe to drink without boiling.

    In this case, I would remain strongly sceptical of any inference that it was a deliberate tactic to increase sales of bottled water.

    But yeah, filtered tap water is quite lovely. I used to filter mine until I got sick of the expense and the environmental toll of the filter cannisters.

  4. Sorry Simon. I didn’t make myself clear. I wasn’t inferring that it was a tactic from Sydney Water. I agree that they acted appropriately and gave useful advice to consumers. It’s my opinion however (and most people I speak to) that the media created a bigger drama out of it than necessary and the bottled water industry has taken advantage of the situation to increase their sales.

  5. Gotcha! 🙂

    Yeah, the media sure love a health scare. “Tonight on ACA, how your water could be killing your kids!”… that kind of thing.

    Still, at least it ensured pretty much everyone was aware of the issue.

    Those stainless steel bottles are certainly a great idea for anyone who needs water on the go. I hope they catch on.

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