Live as the Question

The turn of the year is such a lovely opportunity to start fresh and invite new possibilities into your life. Here is a tool that I found to be particularly rewarding throughout last year, so much so, that I encourage you to give it a go: simply live as the question.

Every time you create a conclusion, decision or judgement, anything that doesn’t match your conclusion, decision or judgement will not be allowed to come into your awareness. An answer will stop the flow of anything coming into your life. If you live in and as the question, you will always allow yourself to receive more information.

Every particle of the universe has energy and consciousness. When we ask a question and be the question, that energy then goes into action.

What would it take to generate a life beyond what you have decided is possible?

This is a question that I consciously asked myself 30 times a day for about 30 days. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I can honestly say that the doors that have opened for me and the opportunities that have arisen are so beyond what I ever thought to be possible that I am now sitting with another question: awesome, how does it get any better than this?

(This tool was inspired by my learnings from Access Consciousness classes. If it sparks a particular interest with you and you’d like to learn more tools like this go to or ask me a question and I will help as best I can.)

What changes would you like to make this year?

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