Give Yourself the Opportunity to Change Each and Every Day

I love the turn of the year. It inspires conversations of change within people. A chance to turn a new leaf. To choose something different. To finally do whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do. To stop doing something that is causing you unease.

What if you gave yourself that opportunity every day? What if each morning you woke up with a fresh clean slate … creating your life each and every day, being present, right here, right now, instead of regretting the past and assuming what the future will be made of.

Every now and then I like to think up a question to ask myself repeatedly for a period of time (as long as it interests me which is usually anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months). The question I’m “sitting” with now, as we roll over in to 2010 is

“Who am I today and what can I be and do to help generate more ease, joy, and magic in my life?”

It is my belief, that we all have the ability to create and enjoy a fulfilling, exciting, loving, adventurous, happy and healthy life. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. This is the very essence of Be Genki … to help inspire holistic happiness by implementing happy and health changes to your lifestyle.

We all deserve to radiate with positive energy, starting the day packed full of motivation and maintain that lively feeling throughout the day; handle ordinary day-to-day stress calmly and with confidence; end the day peacefully, slipping into bed relaxed, before easing into a tranquil sleep. We also deserve to have and maintain loving and nurturing relationships with other people and, more importantly, with ourself.

Life today is fast paced. Most of us are faced with stress on a day-to-day basis whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is inevitable that most of us will come across challenges in our day-to-day life. In order to achieve optimum wellness and inner harmony, we need to learn how to deal with those challenges and nurture ourselves on all levels, inside and out.

The question that I ask when anyone is interested in integrating Be Genki in to their life is

If you could improve an element of your life, what would it be?

Be Genki essential oil blends have been carefully and thoughtfully formulated to target 4 key areas that I personally believe we require help with in today’s fast paced world & include relevant lifestyle recommendations:
VITALITY to uplift and invigorate
SERENITY to help ease anxiety and stress
TRANQUILITY to help promote relaxation and a tranquil night’s sleep
and SENSUALITY as a gentle aphrodisiac and to promote more loving energy.

Best wishes for a happy, health and magical 2010. May you become all that you that you oh so deserve to be.


This is the Be Genki January Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

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