Green Christmas Gift Ideas

What if you gave gifts with a personal touch this year? What if you chose to think creatively as to what you can contribute to the environment as well? It seems a little silly to just buy something with no thought put into it whatsoever. Chances are those “thoughtless” gifts will end up in the trash. Not very environmentally conscious!

It’s my personal opinion that gifts from the heart are much more well-received and can be kind to the environment as well. Knowing that someone actually took the time to make me something or contribute to my life means more to me than any material object bought at the last minute on Christmas Eve, regardless of the dollar value.

I love to make 100% pure and natural skin care products, and am always experimenting with different botanical ingredients. This year I’ll be making hydrating serums that reduce the appearance of fine lines, natural perfume fragrances and body creams with scents that are tailor made to each person in my family. It’s a win-win! I love making the gifts, and they will certainly be enjoyed and used, as well as being an education tool to encourage my family to think about changing their other personal care products to those that are all-natural and free from toxic synthetic ingredients.

What is it that you love to do that you can make in to a present? Cook? Garden? Write? Play music? Sew? Paint? Massage or other body work?

My grandma used to make a big batch of tomato relish every Christmas and give all the family a jar. It was one thing that I used to look forward to each year. A friend of mine makes a big batch of strawberry jam and give as gifts. Yum! Remember to opt for organic ingredients.

Do you like to garden? What about giving a bulb from your garden or a little pot of herbs to inspire a friend or family member to start their own herb garden?

My brother is a brilliant writer and every Christmas he writes these amazing cards for all the family. They truly bring tears to the eyes. I have kept every single one of them in a little box and every now and then I read over them again – gifts that will bring me a lifetime of joy.

It would be equally as cool to receive a song or piece of music that was recorded especially for Christmas gifts. Do you have a song that you’ve been working on for a while? Or do you like to DJ? How about mixing some music for Christmas gifts?

Do you like crafts or handiwork? What about making cosmetic bags, clothing or jewellery; a quilt, coffee-table box or whatever else it is that you love to make?

If you’re an artist, what about painting a collection of artworks for your friends and family? My favourite piece of art is one that was painted by my cousin. She’s seriously talented and has had a number of exhibitions, so when I was gifted one of her artworks, it was such a lovely surprise. Or is it photography that you love? Everyone loves a picture of his or her loved ones.

Oh, and who doesn’t love a massage or body treatment?! If only someone in my family was talented at massage… I would definitely be overjoyed to receive a massage as a Christmas gift.

Whatever it is that you love to do, take the time to think about whom it is that you’re gifting to and what it is that they like and see how you can combine the two.

Lastly, remember to think “green” when wrapping your gifts. I know all the decorative wrapping paper and ribbon looks pretty and festive, but it’s more than likely just going to get torn open and thrown in the bin. How about being creative with your wrapping? What about “wrapping” your gifts in re-usable shopping bags to inspire your family and friends to stop using plastic bags?

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