Make Breakfast a Relaxing Ritual

How many of you eat breakfast on the run? I know I have been guilty of this a few times, especially when my workload is monstrous. It goes something like this: Wake up; have a quick shower; get dressed; dash out the door; drive to my local cafe to pick up a soy chai tea and buckwheat muffin; drive to work with sips and bites at the traffic lights.

It hardly sounds like a relaxing or nurturing way to start the day, does it? Whether you’re guilty of this, or a slight variation, it’s something to give up immediately.

Breakfast is one meal we ought to pay particular attention to as it sets us up for the whole day. It’s crazy to just surrender to the excuse of a busy schedule and neglect health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s pressure to get to work in a hurry or the kids to school or some other external factor, please start to think about how you can infuse your breakfast time with feelings of peace and contentment.

How about getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier so you can prepare a nutritious meal and sit down to enjoy it in a relaxed environment?

Or wait until the children have gone then create a quiet sanctuary for yourself to enjoy breakfast.

Or if you’re not someone who feels like eating the moment you get up, you can always pack your breakfast then head to a quiet space at work to eat away from the chaos of telephones ringing and checking e-mails.

Whatever it takes to be mindful of chewing your food and enjoying the quiet moment you have to yourself will undoubtedly set you up for a more productive and energetic day.

Do you have a morning ritual?

Click here to read the version featured on NineMSN

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