Things to Consider Before Doing a Natural Detox or Cleansing Diet

green detox juiceA natural detox or cleansing diet can be a great way to help remove impurities and toxins, improve the digestion process and cleanse the body so that it functions as it should do, but you may want to consider a few important factors before taking the plunge so that you don’t set yourself up for failure.

What Is a Detox?
A detox involves a change in consumption habits in an attempt to remove toxins from the body. The word “detox” is used so often and there’s an abundance of different types on the market, all claiming their superior results, with celebrity endorsements and testimonials from doctors and satisfied customers. It does, however, take a LOT of discipline and determination to abide by the “rules” of each detox, especially once the detox is finished. If you’ve ever tried one you’ll know what I am talking about… cutting out a long list of foods, popping jars and jars of pills, enduring the agonizing challenge of trying to “stick” to it and beating yourself up if you sneak in a TimTam (one surely can’t hurt), the uncomforting feeling of skin breakouts, oh.. and then the excitement of it finally finishing and being granted “permission” to eat again, scoffing down a whole day’s worth of food in a couple of hours, comprising all the “wrong” things that were forbidden in the detox. Sound familiar?

Personally, I love food, I love eating and I love the whole ritual of sitting down to a meal with family and friends, or heading out to a café to meet my mum for a cup of tea and catch up. My point-of-view is that optimum nutrition should be enjoyed every day. However, I do love the whole concept of what a detox is designed for: helping to remove impurities and toxins, improve the digestion process and cleanse the body so that it functions optimally (as it should do).

Over the last two years I have tried and tested a number of detoxes and cleansing diets just for fun, to gain an understanding of what works best for me, what doesn’t, and what is realistic in terms of long-term benefits. Some I have failed dismally at, some have been fantastic with remarkable results, and some have been more harm than good. Here’s my verdict…

Why are you doing a Detox?
If it’s health and wellbeing that you’re interested in then it might be a better idea to consult a nutritionist or naturopath, and be educated with healthier choices so that you can trade your not so healthy habits for revitalizing alternatives. What good is it going on a detox for a week or two, only to revert back to the same eating and drinking habits as before?

If you are still interested in doing a detox here’s a few things you may like to consider:
• Be realistic of your goals so you can be happy and uplifted when achieving them, as opposed to setting outrageously high expectations, and then feel depressed and self-depreciative when they don’t show up.
• Let your loved ones know that you’re cleansing so that they are aware that any mood changes are simply an effect of toxins being released. The liver is where we store our anger, so it is highly likely that you may have a shorter temper than usual whilst on a detox. When toxins are released from the liver so may bursts of anger.
• Plan your detox for when you have time off work or less going on at work. You may feel more tired than usual whilst on a detox.
• Avoid lunch meetings, coffee catch ups, dinner dates or other social activites that revolve around eating and drinking. The last thing you need to do is watch other people enjoying delicious food whilst you suffer in solitude .
• Plan to do a detox with your partner or friend so that you can encourage and support each other along the way. Imagine how much more difficult it would be sitting down with your partner at night whilst they enjoy a meal and you sip on a juice.

Of all the detoxes out there on the market, the one that I love most is the Schkinny Maninny Cleanse:
• I loved that I didn’t have to spend hours preparing anything. Every morning a little esky is delivered to your front door containing your day’s juices and an informative note to advise you what you may be experiencing. Great for those of you who, like me, lead busy lives and don’t have the time to shop for and prepare meals that are advised on a detox.
• I loved the variety of juices and impressive variety of fruits and vegetables contained within each bottle. Made me happy to know that I was being nourished with essential vitamins and minerals that my body requires to function optimally each day.

The one thing that I became aware of whilst doing the detox is: the quantity of food that I usually eat that I don’t actually require. So I am now more conscious of my meal sizes.

What is your favourite way to detox?
Any detox successes? or tips to help make the process easier?

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3 responses to “Things to Consider Before Doing a Natural Detox or Cleansing Diet

  1. Love this story. I have been doing detoxes in the hope that it will miraculously help me lose weight and change my habits but they have done the opposite. Great tip of suggesting to see a nutritionist or naturopath. I just had my first consultation with a naturopath and am so inspired. finally something that I think will have long term results : )

  2. You completed some fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of folks will agree with your blog.

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