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October Ritual: 30 Days of Movement


No matter where I am in the world, September / October is my favourite time of year. It is simply beautiful no matter where we are. The sun shining. The skies blue. A breeze in the air. Not too hot. Not too chilly. So, as you can imagine, the Be genki ritual for October is all about getting outdoors to move your body and be with the beautiful surrounds of nature.  Continue reading

the Happy Film by Sagmeister Inc

Here’s a little snippet of happiness for your Monday morning. I hope it provides as much inspiration and joy for you as it does for me.

Can’t wait to see the complete documentary – a visually driven film by Sagmeister about happiness. Its a proper look at all the strategies serious psychologists recommend that improve wellbeing, they include meditation, cognitive therapy and psychological drugs. Love it!

“There Is No Way to Happiness. Happiness Is The Way.” Gautama Buddha

What is it about Bali that we love so much? Yes the climate is magnificent. Yes the beaches are stunning. Yes the scenery is sublime with a beautiful balance of softness and dramatic harshness. Yes the laid-back lifestyle is alluring. Bali is simply satisfying to the senses.

However, despite all these obvious charms, I believe the real beauty of Bali and that which draws us to the island again and again is the unmistakable spirituality emanating from the land and people. Continue reading

Implement 4 Golden Rules in to Your Day-to-Day Life to Help Maintain a Calm State-of-Mind When Faced With Stressful Situations

Stress… it seems that we all are susceptible to this overwhelming feeling. What may be stressful to one person may be a “walk in the park” for another. So whether it’s a monstrous to-do list at work; upcoming exams at school or college; an imminent wedding or event; trying to meet tight deadlines;

Continue reading

What Contribution Can You Be To Help Improve Your Health and Happiness?

Do you sometimes find yourself in a rut? Have you been telling yourself that you’re going to start that exercise regime or healthy eating or drinking less alcohol or quit smoking or starting that activity or much thought about dream? The only thing disabling you is YOU. It may be a hard pill to swallow but that is the reality. Your lifestyle is a result of the choices you make. Continue reading

Improve the Relationship with Yourself and Loved Ones

young coupleWe all have relationships. Whether they are with our family, friends, partners or lovers, they are all sacred friendships that require a certain amount of energy so that they remain positive. It’s my belief that the only relationships worth having are those that are loving, caring and nurturing. If you agree with me, and would like to improve this aspect of your life then it might be a great idea to keep reading. Continue reading